Community Medical Care

Primary Care Services

These are extraordinary times, and the following measures have been undertaken to ensure we can treat people safely. We are expecting serious strains on services both in hospital and in the community. As soon as we can resume a normal service, we will.

We are currently able to provide the following primary care services, although all you will be telephoned first about all of these:

  1. Any medical problem that makes you significantly unwell
  2. Significant mental health issues
  3. Contraceptive services (although this may be done by phone)
  4. Palliative care
  5. Essential nursing care such as dressings (although as far as possible self-care for wounds is advisable to reduce your risk of contracting Covid-19)
  6. INR checks for warfarin patients
  7. Urgent blood tests, including monitoring for strong medications such as Methotrexate
  8. Baby immunisations
  9. Baby checks if there is parental or health visitor concern only
  10. House visits and nursing/residential visits where absolutely essential
    • These patients by definition are at high risk of serious complications from Covid-19 and we are doing our utmost to keep them isolated and safe

It is currently unsafe or not possible to provide the following services:

  1. Routine medical care for non-urgent problems
    • Note all hospital outpatient appointments are shut, so the hospital is unable to accept any referral apart from for urgent problems
  2. ‘Fit-notes’ for symptoms of covid-19 or self-isolation
  3. Joint injections
    • These are inadvisable currently as steroids suppress the immune system, and hospitals will be unable to manage if a complication such as infection occurs
  4. Routine blood tests
  5. B12 injections
  6. Chronic disease management (such as checks for diabetes, COPD, high blood pressure)
    • Note if you are unwell with these conditions we will help you
  7. Smear tests
  8. Routine baby checks
  9. Non-essential house visits


Phlebotomy services are running from Barry hospital for URGENT bloods only. If you have been told your bloods are urgent and you have symptoms of Covid-19 (symptom checker link) you must not attend, please re-contact your GP practice to discuss options.

Barry Hospital Minor Injuries Unit

If you need help now, but it’s not an emergency

Go to or call 111.

Comunity Services

Other services may be available in your local community

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