Coronavirus – Information if you have asthma, COPD, or diabetes

You should continue your treatment as normal and ensure you are taking your inhalers regularly as prescribed. If you haven’t been using your current prescribed inhalers you should restart them. You do not need to increase the use of your inhalers as a precaution or take extra blue inhaler just in case.

Instead follow the self-management advice and any action or management plans previously given by your nurse or doctor.

Unless this is already part of your management plan you do not need to be prescribed a rescue pack to take now as a precaution or keep at home just in case.

If you already have a rescue pack as part of your ongoing management you should only take this as previously advised by your nurse or doctor i.e if you have worsening symptoms of your asthma or COPD. Due to the current Coronavirus situation though we advise you to contact your GP practice prior to starting any rescue pack for review.

Further information on Coronavirus can be found at

Caring for people at home with Covid-19

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Further information on managing your asthma can be found at


Further information on managing your COPD can be found at


Guidance for managing people with diabetes during the pandemic can be found at and

Updated Sick Day rules for diabetes can be found in these PDF documents: